Two of the sessions of the Annual Scientific Conference will be devoted to give to opportunity to the countries of MediPIET to present their contributions and achievements in the frame of the MediPIET programme and the remaining needs. Tuesday, 28th November, in the morning, we will have the visibility session on “Harmonising Practices towards Global Health Security” in the Plenary room, followed by an exhibition on “MediPIET Countries and Achievements. Enhancing Regional Health Security for the Future”

The main objective of the visibility half a day is: to highlight the achievements of MediPIET in the participant institutions, countries and the MediPIET and Black Sea region by showing success stories, the improvement that MediPIET brought to the region and to explain why the support from the European Commission is still needed. In summary: “To show where we come from, where we are now and where we need to go as institutions, as countries and as a region”.

In the EU neighbouring countries and despite the absence of a common institutional umbrella, the MediPIET project (2013-2017),  has succeeded to create a strong network of institutions and experts, allowing direct communication and collaboration among countries, that otherwise wouldn’t exist. It also has established a comprehensive training infrastructure with demonstrated early impact in participant countries

During these four years MediPIET has graduated 22 fellows in two cohorts, 195 senior experts have participated in different Training of Trainers’ courses and more than 400 junior and mid-career public health professionals have been trained through the modules belonging to the fellowship programme.

Still, the participant countries feel the need to further consolidate their national capacities to prevent, early detect and respond to public health threats and that much more is needed to implement a strong, structured and reliable mechanism of preparedness and response to biological and health risks. This consolidation of capacities will allow much more effective coordination between Mediterranean and EU public health systems. The EU and MediPIET countries will improve security of their borders, thus contributing to improve the Global Health Security.