Preparatory workshop: Introduction to Intervention Epidemiology - Tunis, Tunisia. 22th to 25th October 2014

Preparatory workshop Training of Trainers:

Introduction to Intervention Epidemiology

As part of MediPIET training activities, the training of trainers (ToT) provide participants and opportunity to refresh knowledge and skills in mentoring, supervision and methods for prevention and control of communicable diseases, as well as specific topics selected by the participating countries.

Date & Place: Institut Pasteur, Tunis, 22 – 25 October 2014

Target audience

– Front-line and second-line supervisors of MediPIET selected Training Sites (Albania, FYROM, Lebanon and Tunisia). Also those experts that support fellows in specific projects. – Public Health professionals who will participate as facilitators in MediPIET Training Module 1: Introduction to intervention epidemiology.


Goal :

To enhance health security in the Mediterranean region by supporting capacity building for prevention and control of natural or man-made threats to health posed by communicable diseases through the start-up of a long-term Mediterranean Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training (MediPIET).

Specific objectives MediPIET:

  1. To train national trainers and supervisors in field epidemiology from the participating public health institutions. 2. To train a regional cadre of field epidemiologists competent in intervention epidemiology to carry out essential public health functions for prevention and control of communicable diseases. 3. To disseminate experience, knowledge and skills on pedagogics and methodologies related to practical “on-the-job training” among participating non-EU countries and with the EU partners.
  2. To foster country commitment/ownership and regional networking to share practices and experiences as essential conditions for building-in sustainability of the programme. 5. To establish the basis of a long-term regional training programme aimed at creating public health workforce with the necessary skills in intervention/field epidemiology to meet present and future national and cross border challenges posed by communicable diseases.

Learning Objectives – Training of Trainers

– Understand the facilitating/teaching principles – Harmonize training methodology for Training Module 1: Introduction to intervention epidemiology.  – Review and adapt the training materials: lectures, case studies and exercises for the Training Module 1. – Be familiar with MediPIET curriculum, core competences and contents – Strengthen the network among field epidemiologists participating in the MediPIET training activities.

Scientific Coordination

‒ Adela Páez. MediPIET, Consortium (ISCIII-FIIAPP) based at ECDC, Sweden

‒ Chesco Nogareda. MediPIET, Consortium (ISCIII-FIIAPP) based at National Institute of Public Health, Spain



‒ Alena Petrakova. Independent consultant.

‒ Nikoletta Mavroidi. Hellenic Center for the diseases control and prevention – KEELPNO.

‒ Sybille Rehmet. Independent consultant

‒ Takis Panagiotopoulos. National School of Public Health. Greece

‒ Adela Páez. Scientific coordinator – MediPIET

‒ Chesco Nogareda. Scientific coordinator – MediPIET

‒ Concha Martin. Project Liaison Officer – MediPIET

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