Module 4 - Humanitarian Crisis and Mass Gatherings

A Complex Emergency Situation (CES) is defined as a singular event or a series of events potentially threatening the health, safety or well being of a community or larger group of people. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide live in areas affected by armed conflict, natural disasters and man-made crises.

This training course in Humanitarian Crisis and Mass Gathering aims at providing the epidemiological tools to quantify the degree to which risk factors affect population health in a crisis, to develop relevant PH response and to mitigate the PH impact of a crisis.
Date and place: 18-22 July 2016. Amman Jordan, Hotel Landmark.

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At the end of the week, participants will be able to:

− Understand the measures of occurrence and health indicators in emergencies.
− Conduct rapid assessment in emergency situations for identifying public health priorities.
− Plan and implement early warning systems and relevant response.
− Learn and apply sampling methods and population size estimation.
− Learn principles of vaccination coverage, nutrition and mortality surveys.
− Understand the principles of epidemic intelligence, surveillance and response preparedness in mass gatherings.

Scientific Coordination
‒ Nikoletta Mavroeidi. Scientific coordinator – MediPIET (
‒ Adela Paez. Scientific coordinator – MediPIET (
‒ Sultan Mabdalla. Ministry of Health. Jordan (

Administration and logistics

‒ Enric Ibarz. Project Officer – MediPIET. FIIAPP, Spain (
‒ Roberto Medina. Support Officer – MediPIET. FIIAPP, Spain (
‒ Teresa Gonzalez, Communications Officer-MediPIET FIIAPP, Spain

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