Module 9 - Review module II

The Review Module is a training exercise for reviewing the participants’ projects and for preparing them in order to present the findings and message(s) to a large audience.

The training course will provide specific tools and hints on how to prepare and present the results of their projects in a limited amount of time using the most appropriate support for the most appropriate messages to convey.

Date, place and venue

Jointly organized with the Institute of Public Health of Albania, the module is will take place Tuesday 18th – Friday 21st October 2016 at the Tirana International Hotel in Tirana, Albania.

The module is preceded by a preparation day on Monday 17th October, where facilitators will review together the methods for the review of communications in order to standardize approaches.

Download the programme here.

Learning objectives

(a) To prepare the participants for presenting their work, corresponding to the already accepted abstract(s) to the MediPIET Annual Scientific Conference 2016,

(b) To have their projects, upon which the presentations are based, reviewed in depth with and by their peers,

(c) To provide constructive feedback to their peers   projects upon which the presentations are based

in order to:

  • Improve the quality of the presentations/posters,
  • Increase the participant’s oral and written communication skills,
  • Allow participants to learn from each other’s work and scientific experience,
  • Use the accepted projects as a training tool for clarifying and reminding, methodological and communication issues.

At the end of the module, participants will be able to:

  • Prepare an effective power point presentation or a poster for an international conference,
  • Choose the main results/message(s) to include according to the limited amount of time 
  • Use the most appropriate visual aids to convey their message(s).
  • Respond to a number of questions related to their communication (s), explain, defend and justify their choices and engage in scientific argumentation,
  • Provide and accept scientific critiques and suggestions

Formulate public health relevant recommendations based on the findings of their work, especially those that may have policy and/or public health implications

MediPIET Team onsite

Dr Nikoletta Mavroeidi Scientific Coordinator  
Dr Adela Paez Scientific Coordinator 
Dr Marie Duvalsaint Scientific Coordinator
Dr Vinciane Sizaire Black Sea Coordinator
Ms. Concha Martin Liason Officer
Mr Jose Jaime de Domingo Team Leader
Mr Roberto Medina Logistics Officer
Ms Teresa Gonzalez Communication Officer
Mr Enric Ibarz Program Officer


Hosting Institution

Prof Genc Burazeri – Deputy Director, National Institute of Public Health of Albania

Invited Faculty

In addition to the scientific Coordinators mentioned above, the following senior epidemiologist have been invited as faculty:

·         Dr Delphine Antoine, Sante Publique France
·         Dr Aggelikki Lambrou, KEELPNO, Greece
·         Dr Viviane Bremer, Robert Koch Institute, Germany


·         Prof. Takis Panagiotopoulos, National School of Public Health, Greece


·         Asst Prof. Faris Lami, Baghdad University & Iraq FETP
·         Prof Genc Burazeri, IPH of Albania


·         Dr Eugena Tomini, IPH of Albania


·         Prof Vesna Velikj Stefanovska, University of St Kiril and Metodij. Skopje, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia


·         Dr Nana Mebonia, National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health, Georgia
·         Dr Isme Humolli, IPH of Kosovo


·         Dr Nada Ghosn, Esumoh, MoPH Lebanon


·         Dr Sahar El Shourbagy, FETP Director Egy


·         Assoc. Prof. Dragan Lausevic, IPH of Montenegro


·         Dr Mitra Drakulovic , IPH of Serbia


·         Prof Nissaf Ben Alaya, Observatoire des Maladies Nouvelles et Emergentes, Tunis


·         Dr Asmae Khattabi, Coordinator FETP Morocco
·         Ms. Maria Keramarou, University of Crete, Greece EPIET Alumni Network (EAN) Board Member



Please find all the training materials in our E-Library.