Module 2 - Advanced Methods I: Computer tools for outbreak investigation

During this course, the participants are introduced to the different options of the software Epi Info 7 needed for conducting an outbreak investigation from the development of a questionnaire to the data entry and data analysis, focusing mainly on descriptive and stratified analysis. During the second part of the module, participants are introduced to multivariable analysis.

Date & place: 2 – 6 February 2015 at the National School of Public Health, National Institute of Health Carlos III, Madrid, Spain.

You can download the programme here.


– Interactive lectures and practical sessions built around the case study “An outbreak of gastroenteritis in the district of Camarma, 2002”.

– Software for data analysis: Epi Info 7 (

– Epidemiological calculator: Openepi (

– Support materials and pre-reading documents will be delivered in advance to all participants.

– Optional exercises will be given to the participants

At the end of the week, participants will be able to:

– Get acquainted with computer tools for the various steps of an outbreak investigation

– Create a data entry file from a paper questionnaire

– Manage datasets, including data entry, validation and cleaning

– Perform descriptive analysis

– Conduct analysis for cohort and case-control studies, including stratified analysis

– Get knowledge and skills in multivariable analyses (linear, logistic regression, survival analysis and cox regression) and interpretation of results.

– Understand the principles of outbreak communication

– Be familiar with Epi Info 7 software and epidemiological calculators

– Software for epidemiological surveillance, surveys and outbreak investigations

– Data entry, data management, analysis and interpretation



Scientific Coordination

  • Juan de Mata Donado-Campos. National Institute of Public Health (ISCIII), Spain
  • Vinciane Sizaire. National Institute of Public Health (ISCIII), Spain.

Facilitators / experts

  • Chesco Nogareda. Scientific coordinator – MediPIET. National Institute of Public Health, Spain
  • Adela Páez. Scientific coordinator – MediPIET. ECDC, Sweden
  • Macarena Garrido. Spanish FETP coordinator. National Institute of Public Health, Spain
  • Marie Roseline Darnycka Belizaire. Epidemiologist. National Institute of Public Health, Spain
  • Kostas Koutentakis. EPIET fellow. National Institute of Public Health, Spain
  • Fernando Simon. Head of Health Emergencies Coordination Centre. Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equity, Spain. TBC
  • Alicia Barrasa. Scientific coordinator – EPIET. National Institute of Public Health, Spain. TBC
  • Marta Valenciano. Deputy Director of the Epidemiology department. Epiconcept. Spain.

Administration and logistics

  • Enric Ibarz. Project Officer – MediPIET. FIIAPP, Spain
  • Roberto Medina. Support Officer – MediPIET. FIIAPP, Spain