Success of the Annual Scientific Conference 2017 in Brussels

On 28th November started in Brussels the MediPIET Annual Scientific Conference 2017. The topic of this year was “Regional contributions and synergies for Global Health Security”, held until the 1st of December, gathering 190 professionals from the partner countries of MediPIET, the European Union and other countries such as Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Pakistan and Zimbabwe.

The main speakers in the opening ceremony were Prof Karl Ekdahl, head of the Public Health Capacity and Communication Unit at the ECDC and chair of the Scientific Committee of MediPIET; Mr José Jaime de Domingo, team leader of MediPIET; Eddie Maier, from the European Commission – DG DEVCO; Dr Andrea Schwarz from DG-SANTE; and Dr Isabel Noguer, Director of the Spanish National Epidemiology Centre in the Instituto de Salud Carlos III.

This Conference is the major annual event of MediPIET, aimed to show to the international community all scientific achievements.  But it is also a moment to gather to discuss about the future and on how to reinforce the capacity of health institutions in the EU and MediPIET countries.

During the 5-days programme, the countries of MediPIET will have the opportunity to present their contributions and achievements in the frame of the MediPIET programme and the remaining needs. On Tuesday, 28th November, the visibility session on “Harmonising Practices towards Global Health Security” was followed by an exhibition on “MediPIET Countries and Achievements. Enhancing Regional Health Security for the Future”

The main objective of the visibility programme was to highlight the achievements of MediPIET in the participant institutions, countries and the MediPIET and Black Sea region by showing success stories, the improvement that MediPIET brought to the region and to explain why the support from the European Commission is still needed

The total abstracts submitted for this edition was 180 and 130 have been selected to be presented during the Conference. For the first time, MediPIET welcomed also participants from other countries that do not belong to MediPIET Network. The MediPIET network can be proud of the interest that this Conference has raised among the international scientific community.

This Conference is devoted to identify the regional contributions and synergies for Global Health Security. Global health security is a shared responsibility that cannot be achieved by a single actor or sector of government. Its success depends upon collaboration among the health, security, environment, and agriculture sectors, as described in the Global Health Security Agenda.

In order to accomplish this goal, as Mr José Jaime de Domingo pointed out during his intervention, “the MediPIET network should strengthen its links with the sectors just mentioned before. It is a task that cannot be neglected. (…) But you are not alone because the CBRN CoE initiative, to which this project belongs, has also established their National teams and, working together, discussing the problems and using your complementarities and synergies; you will increase the effectiveness of your decisions and will provide your countries and also at regional level with an accurate answer to any health threat.”