The conference is mainly focused on infectious diseases across the Mediterranean, Balkans and Black Sea regions and worldwide in regard of getting evidence for diseases prevention and control, and public health policy making.

As part of the training objectives of MediPIET Programme, the Annual Scientific Conference aims at providing the opportunity to fellows and other epidemiologists of the region to present the results of their field epidemiology activities (research projects, outbreak investigations, the evaluations of surveillance systems, International assignments) and allow the exchange between representatives of the Public Health Institutions and stakeholders involved in the project.

MediPIET ASC contributes to the establishment of a collaborative community of practice bringing together junior and senior experts from all Public Health related disciplines.

European Centre for Prevention and Disease Control (ECDC) chairs the Scientific Committee of the MediPIET Annual Scientific Conference, which is composed by members of the Scientific Advisory Board of MediPIET, directors of the existing Field Epidemiology Training Programmes in the partner’s countries and others.

The format of the Conference includes back to back meeting and keynote speech.

The conference is organized by the MediPIET Consortium composed by FIIAPP and ISCIII.