Cascade Training in Tunisia: First Summer School of the Observatory of New and Emerging Diseases

The Observatory of New and Emerging Diseases (ONMNE, acronym in French for Observatoire National des Maladies Nouvelles et Emergentes) is organising the first Summer School on scientific paper writing from August 28th to September 9th related to outbreak investigations.

The course will cover the following chapters:

  1. Steps to prepare a manuscript for international journals
  2. Creation of a bibliography with endnotes
  3. Multivariable analysis using STATA and SPSS
  4. Field visits to fellow recommendations on outbreak investigation

The target participants are:

  1. Tunisian Medipiet fellows
  2. Residents in preventive medicine
  3. Graduates from the national diploma on biostatistic, epidemiology and clinical trials
  4. Field epidemiologists

The ONMNE as training site for MediPIET project offers the opportunity for MediPIET fellows and supervisors to participate in this course and to host International Assignments during this period.