Portfolios of the MediPIET Fellows (Cohort 2)

The second MediPIET Cohort (2015-2017) graduated on November 30th in Brussels. The 2 years’ fellowship summaries of work- the fellows’ Portfolios-  are now on the website!

We have the pleasure to introduce the second MediPIET cohort graduates and their projects implemented during the 2 years’ fellowship in the respective Training Sites: Alba Merdani and Dorina Toçi from Albania; Largime Ballazhi and Dragan Kochinski from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: Pranvera Kaçaniku-Gunga and Fitim Raçi from Kosovo*; Zeina Farah and Majd Saleh from Lebanon; Dumitru Capmari and Alexei Ceban from Moldova; Senad Begic from Montenegro; Milunka Milinkovic and Dragana Plavsa from Serbia; Hind Bouguerra, Aicha Lahchaichi and Salsabil Rejaibi (First Cohort) from Tunisia.

The portfolios of the first MedipIET graduates provide a clear picture of the topics of interest and respective assignments  in  the different Training Sites and of the methodology applied and used. The Portfolios reflect what the MediPIET graduates are able to to perform, what they had implemented within the 2 years’ fellowship and, indirectly, what would the Project’s impact be for the Training Sites.

Please click in the names below to download the portfolios of our fellows in pdf files:

MediPIET Portfolio Alba Merdani

MediPIET Portfolio Dorina Toci

MediPIET Portfolio Dragan Kochinski

MediPIET Portfolio Largime Ballazhi

MediPIET Portfolio Pranvera Kaçaniku-Gunga

MediPIET Portfolio Fitim Raçi

MediPIET Portfolio Dumitru Capmari

MediPIET Portfolio Alexei Ceban

MediPIET Portfolio Milunka Milinkovic

MediPIET Portfolio Dragana Plavsa

MediPIET Portfolio_Majd Saleh

MediPIET Portfolio_Zeina Farah

MediPIET-Portfolio Aicha Lahchaichi

MediPIET-Portfolio Hind Bouguerra

MediPIET portfolio Salsabil Rjaibi